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LED Water Faucet Stream - 7 Colors Light

by successmall
International Products
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Product Description:

This LED water faucet tap needs no battery or external power supply and is temperature sensitive and automatic controlled. It is a very practical and stylish LED water faucet tap for your kitchen.


This little device fits on most taps

Offers you delightful bath and wonderful experience

No batteries or external power supply is needed

Temperature sensitive and automatic controlled LED water faucet tap

When water flows down, LED lights will light instantly

LED color changes automatically when water temperature changes

The colors of the LED lights prompt you the temperature of the water

Package Includes:

1 x LED Water Faucet Tap

Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly

Material: ABS Plastic

Model Number: FX573

Case material: ABS plastic

Case Color: Silver

Net weight: 15g

Diameter: 24 mm (External thread)