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Daily Peel - Skin Rejuvenationv(15ml)

by Ellen`s Skin Care & Permanent Cosmetics
Beauty Wellness

Daily peel Rejuviantes and clears the skin. It is also an anti-pimple and aids bleached skin, lighten sunburns, blemishes and skin pigmentation.

Alcohol ; Tretinoin- all trans stereisomer of the retonoic acid, used as topical keratolytic,especially in the treatment of the certain cases of acne vulagris

Avoid sun exposure. Avoid application on mucoid membranes. Use sunblock if expose to the sun. Not to be use by pregantn and lactating women.

For pimpled face; for roughed skin; for wrinkled skin; for blemished skin; for skin with pigmentation ; for maintenance

Wash and dy skin gently with mild soap. Apple astringent with cotton using upward strokes on the face and neck. Use twice a day.